Silk scarves that tell a story and exist for a reason is what Elena Zografou creates with her signature. This signature all by itself does not imply male or female but a quality not necessarily attributed to the creator but existing nonetheless within her name and thus builds a story that will unravel through roles’ reversal, surrealistic surprises and well kept secrets that reveal themselves in various future times.

Zografos narrates stories echoing voices from the past paying tribute to each Greek historic period from ancient times to our days aiming to travel to other cultures since each one of them encloses glorious myths, imagery and meanings.

Besides, the first and most prevailing characteristic of Elena Zografou is her insatiable thirst for discovering, her persistent quest for history annales that have no end and the depths of eternity define them. Zografos touches with discretion, sensitivity and tenderness each unique theme. The initial pattern is put under scrupulous processing and observation to be able to address the modern world without distorting the original source the least bit. Respect to the artistic approach is what defines the way that the inspirer of the brand works and lives by. These silk scarves manufactured with the highest silk quality are not just a random choice. Everything depicted in them carries memories, symbolisms and humanity’s plights, so scarves bring along the aura, the sentiment and the life of their wearer.

Elena Zografou devoted to her dream creates symbols of love and faith that honor our culture. With passion, power and her unparalleled persistence in quality and substance “Zografos” sets new standards for the concept of accessories and jewelry, longing for the next treasure to bring to life as ZC / Zografos Concept.

Kleio collection is an ode to the ninth Muse inspired by the five major Greek civilizations (Neolithic Era, Minoan and Mycenaean, the Golden Age and the Hellenistic period) including five silk creations which reach today through the creation of the sixth scarf (6 th sense), the “Eye Love jewelry” one, in collaboration with Ileana Makri and in an attempt to honor the widely recognized work of this acclaimed jewelry designer.