Ileana Makri

Travels and civilizations, contemporary forms and organic lines, austerity and charm characterize the creations of Ileana Makri, who, as she claims, designs jewels “to make every day special”.Regarding the designer Elena Zografou, who creates ethereal unique scarves “for a reason”, the depots of cultures are her inspiration. Enhanced jewels derived from the Neolithic, Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations, the Golden Age and the Hellenistic period have been imprinted in the most elegant way in her work.

In her last collection under the name “Kleio”, Elena Zografou, is inspired by the significant and avant-garde Greek designer Ileana Makri and pieces from the characteristic lines of Eye, Again, Sun and Pyramid “paint” the frame of the sixth scarf of the collection in a way that the resemblance to a contemporary painting is more than obvious.

Pure and geometric lines, gems and metals, the use of symbols as a global language that transcends borders, a contemporary aesthetic approach through a creativity that develops and evolves references from the past and from divers cultures, define the exceptional creations of jewelry designer Ileana Makri.
The creator insists on addressing to the woman who blends harmoniously her image and her inner world, enjoying and implying her femininity and this amazing woman also chooses the ultimate scarf which being devoted to her.

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