Kleio Collection

I am muse Kleio, the voice of history in a present form, the key that unlocks the oldest box
I am muse Kleio who loves the royal purple and the astonishing gold
I am muse Kleio and I have so much to tell before my time end and the hourglass is drained
I am here to reveal from all centuries the elite, the eternal story for sovereignty and glory

I speak to you for Homer’s hunters, who beat the omen and depict the heaven’s halters
I am talking about Athens, the Mycenae’s golden era, I am talking about shields and snakes as silky details
I talk to you about sunbeams, lonely paths, fragile human beings, I talk about great empires always present in our lives

Here I am a secret to reveal:

Five silk scarfs all inspired by ancient jewelry, five historical tracks reveal the most emblematic periods of ancient Greek history. The wealth of the past is “tied” up to present day, capturing Greece’s timeless values.

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